Best time to eat fruits, “three” advice will definitely help you

Fruit is a kind of food that people should eat regularly. The taste is sour and sweet, the nutrition is remarkable, and the attractive color, how can you not seduce everyone’s taste buds. But the fruit is good, but it also needs everyone to eat. When it comes to reliable consumption, the point is undoubtedly the amount of fruit consumed and what’s the best time to eat fruits? According to the digestion and absorption and living habits, some things are really different from what you think. Healthy eating fruit, there are some things that you need to do seriously.

Why do you recommend fruit?

Fruit is undoubtedly a nutrient-rich. First of all, the fruit has a very rich water content. After consumption, it can replenish water to the body, promote intestinal metabolism, promote bowel movements, and prevent constipation. Secondly, the fruit is rich in vitamin C and dietary fibre. Regular intake can promote intestinal health, enhance the body’s immunity and prevent chronic diseases. In addition, some mineral elements (potassium, phosphorus, etc.), plant pigments (carotene, anthocyanins) and other substances are also rich in content, often eaten to improve the body’s antioxidant capacity.

Fruit, how much is it to eat every day?

It is recommended that the average healthy population should have a daily intake of 200g-350g. Moreover, it is best to emphasize that the fruit is ingested with fresh fruit. Although the juice tastes good, it does not replace the fruit.

Moreover, fruit foods such as candied fruit preserves and fruit enzymes that are relatively hot on the market can not be used instead of fruits.

When to eat fruits or what’s the best time?

If your gastrointestinal tract is not a problem, if your digestive system is healthy. If you do not have problems such as hyperacidity, you should choose to eat fruit at any time, of course, if you are not afraid of getting fat.

People having problems with too much stomach acid, it is recommended that you avoid eating fruits on an empty stomach before meals, especially like persimmons, oranges, and oranges.

Someone who is losing weight , can eat bananas, apples and other fruits half an hour before meals, occupy a part of the stomach volume, increase satiety, reduce the intake of food and promote the weight loss.

All in all, the time to eat fruit is not really fixed. You can choose the time to eat according to your physical condition and living habits. Of course, from all aspects, it is recommended that you can adjust the time of eating fruit to about half an hour. After eating, promote the digestion and absorption of food, and reasonably add meals.

Isn’t it the season’s fruit that is not safe?

This is not the case. Speaking of the fundamentals, in fact, seasonal fruits and greenhouse fruits are reliable fruits, and there is almost no difference in nutrition. Speaking of the so-called season, it is only because the natural conditions such as humidity, temperature and light in this season are suitable for plant growth. If you use a greenhouse to simulate the growth conditions of the fruit, the things that are planted are the same.

Fruit, do you need to peel when you eat?

You can cut without peeling, and there is nutrition on the fruit skin. But there is not much in the heart, you don’t have to worry too much.

Healthy eating fruit, please do this

First of all, the fresher the water and some nutrients will be higher in the fruit. You should choose the ones when you buy them, and refuse to buy cheap and cheap fruits.

Secondly, fruit, it is recommended that you eat according to the amount. The type of fruit consumed daily should be more than three.

Finally, the fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or eaten.

Eat healthy fruits, don’t worry too much about the time of eating fruits; eat healthy foods by volume, and hope that colorful fruits will add a healthy color to your life.

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