Diabetes people eat fruit, these points must be remembered!

The topic of whether a diabetic can eat fruit is always a problem that everyone cares about; fruit is a delicious taste. If you don’t eat it, you feel “flustered”. If you eat it, you may be afraid of causing excessive blood sugar. For diabetics, Fruit can actually be eaten, but you need to know which one is suitable for eating? How to eat and be healthier? People with diabetes eat fruit, and some things need you to know.

People with diabetes can eat fruit, and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages

For healthy people, eating fresh fruit every day is 12% less likely to cause diabetes than not eating fruit. For diabetics, eating fruit also has a positive meaning. Diabetic patients who eat 100 grams of fresh fruit a day can reduce overall mortality by 17% and reduce the risk of 13% of major bleeding complications such as ischemic heart disease; so eating fresh fruit can reduce the incidence of blood vessels in diabetic patients. The risk of illness is a good thing.

What fruits can diabetics eat?

Many people think that it is not so simple to judge which kind of fruit a diabetic patient can eat. In fact, the sweetness of fruit is mainly affected by the amount of simple sugar such as sucrose or fructose, but the fruit that affects our blood sugar is fruit. The total energy and its sugar content, including those complex polysaccharides that are not very sweet.

Therefore, the choice of fruit cannot be based solely on the sweetness of the taste. It is not the same as the sugar content of the fruit. Diabetes patients should pay attention to the “glycemic index” and choose “low glycemic index fruit”.

I suggest you eat these fruits

When it comes to specifics, fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, watermelons, plums, peaches, alfalfa, strawberries, cherries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and melons (which can be eaten raw) are recommended for diabetics. Their sugar content is Below 10%.

Fruits that can be tasted in small quantities

Like pomegranates, bananas, melons, oranges, lychees, mangoes, apples and other fruits, people with diabetes can taste a little in life and need to be careful to eat. Their sugar content is between 11% and 20%.

How many fruits can you eat per day for diabetics?

Although diabetics can eat fruit, the amount of food must be limited. Even if the GI value of the fruit is low, eating too much will increase blood sugar.

For normal people, it is recommended to consume about 350 grams of fruit per day. For diabetics, it is recommended to eat 100-200 grams of fruit with less than 15% sugar.

Of course, people with diabetes eat fruit, please let your blood sugar reach the standard through drug or lifestyle intervention. On this basis, you can rest assured to eat fruit.

When should diabetes eat fruit?

For fruits, it is recommended to eat as a meal, and it is generally recommended to eat between meals. Specifically, it is generally recommended to eat some fruit at about 10 o’clock in the morning or about three o’clock in the afternoon, about 100 grams each time.

Eating fruit between meals can not only stabilize blood sugar, but also avoid excessive blood sugar load caused by eating fruits. It can also promote the absorption of nutrients in fruits.

Fruit, good food, nutritious, rich taste, it is recommended to eat, but diabetic patients should be healthy and scientific to eat, in order to your blood sugar not soar, please rely on fruit.