Did the bath almost wash out my life? Attention! In 6 cases, don’t take a shower

After the summer, I went to the season of “going out for 5 minutes and sweating for 2 hours.”

Nowadays, the family is in good condition. Many families have shower facilities. Taking a shower after work is not only to remove the sweat, but also very lacking.

The shower room is also a place where many people vent their emotions. Singing in the bath can make bad emotions flush with the water.

It is about to enter the hot summer days. The frequency of bathing will increase with the increase of temperature, but not all conditions are suitable for bathing. The following six situations require people to be vigilant:

First, it is best not to take a bath when you are sweating

As the temperature rises, more and more people begin to bathe with water below the body temperature. Cold water bathing not only increases blood circulation, but also has certain benefits to the skin and blood vessels, but if you are in a state of sweating, Bathing at this time is very harmful to the body.

After sweating, the blood vessels and pores of the skin are in an expanded state. If you take a bath, the blood vessels in the body will contract suddenly, and the pores of the sweat will also close, and the sweat glands will stop secreting.

When the body’s heat-dissipating channels are blocked, the body’s heat can’t be completely emitted, and it is easy to catch a cold or other disease.

Second, don’t take a shower after drinking

After alcohol enters the body, it needs the liver to metabolize. When the liver is intoxicated with alcohol, it will hinder the release of glycogen.

If you take a bath at this time, the consumption of glucose in the body will increase, which directly leads to a decrease in blood sugar, which is prone to dizziness and general weakness. In severe cases, it can lead to hypoglycaemia and coma.

Third, do not take a bath after eating

After eating, the blood in the body will supply the stomach to help digestion in the stomach.

If you take a bath at this time, the blood will flow to the body surface, and the blood supply in the abdominal cavity will be reduced, which will affect the digestion and absorption, causing hypoglycemia problems.

Fourth, don’t take a shower after work

Labor includes physical strength and brain power. No matter which one is done, it takes a short break after completion. If you take a shower immediately after labor, it will easily cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, and even fainting.

Fifth, don’t take a bath when you have a fever

When the body temperature has exceeded 38 degrees, the body’s calorie consumption will increase by 20%. If the body is weak, bathing is more prone to accidents, and if it is a cold, it may aggravate the condition.

Sixth, don’t take a bath when your blood pressure is low

The water in the bath is generally higher than the body temperature. During the bathing process, the blood vessels will expand. If the person is in low blood pressure at this time, it is not suitable for bathing. Otherwise, the blood supply is insufficient and the situation of collapse is easy.

“Bathing” is the most normal thing in daily life. There are still many people who don’t know how to take a proper bath.

According to relevant data, about 75 people in Japan lose their lives every year due to improper bathing. There are also a handful of people who are dying in the bathroom in China.

Many young and strong people feel that the bath is nothing more than the washing of the body and the head. It is not related to the hot water and cold water. It is from the head to the foot.

This kind of operation may not cause any big problems for people who have no disease in the body, but it does have a big hidden danger.

If the elderly is taking a bath like this, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, because the bathroom itself is a hot and humid environment, and the air is not circulated. The elderly is very likely to have accidents in this situation due to poor physical condition.

What needs to be noted is that no matter whether it is hot or cold, the bath needs to adapt the head to the bathroom environment. The head needs an adaptation process, which means that when taking a bath, you should wash your body and wash your hair.

Some people say, “It’s so simple to take a bath, how come it is how to be comfortable.”

Under the premise of being comfortable and lacking, we should pay more attention to the common-sense problem of healthy bathing. Don’t break big things because of small things!