Eating before and after exercise will affect weight loss?

Exercise and weight loss are always inseparable. When it comes to weight loss, in addition to diet, the most important thing is exercise. But there are also many people who have questions about sports. Some people say that eating before and after exercise can affect weight loss. Some people say that if you don’t eat anything after exercise, you will be very hungry.

Eating before and after exercise, will it affect weight loss?

First of all, on this day, healthy eating is three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to these three meals, the rest can also add meals, especially for people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes. In the special case of this disease, you can also follow the practice of five meals a day.

That is to add a meal between breakfast and lunch, and add food between lunch and dinner to replenish energy. Exercise itself is a kind of thing that consumes energy in the body. Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise can also exercise muscle tissue in the body. In this case, hunger will increase significantly after exercise.

If you endure it, it is easy for people with special blood pressure, such as high blood pressure, to have low blood pressure. As for the exercise, if you are doing strenuous exercise, it is also recommended that you eat something, which can improve your exercise after a certain degree, which is good for weight loss.

However, it should be noted that not all foods can be eaten before and after exercise, such as a large number of potato chips snacks, instant noodles, fried chicken legs, etc., whether before or after exercise, it is possible to eat such foods. Let you exercise in white. On the contrary, it is recommended that you eat dairy products and nuts.

Before and after exercise, you can eat some dairy products: such as yogurt, milk, etc. The benefits of these foods, on the one hand, they are rich in protein, on the other hand, the calcium in dairy products is more beneficial to the body, can give bones, teeth Calcium supplement can help people in fitness, reduce muscle excitability, and avoid leg cramps during exercise.

Even after eating, the milk and yogurt have a small calorie and a strong sense of satiety. They are much better than other snacks and snacks. They are good ingredients for controlling appetite and losing weight.

Before and after exercise, you can eat some nuts: the overall nutritional value of nuts is high. Before eating, the nuts can supply carbohydrates to help people supply energy. The nuts are also rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Ingredients are also very beneficial to the health of the heart.

Every day, each person chooses the original nuts, and the total amount of edible nuts does not exceed 35g, which is about a small amount, which is a good choice for fitness.

Finally, everyone is reminded that everyone’s fitness needs to be stopped. When the body feels uncomfortable, it is best to stop and check to avoid serious events such as sudden death caused by excessive exercise.