If you have to stay up all night, how to stay up all night to minimize the harm? Five ways to save you

Staying up late should be a problem for many people at this stage, whether young or middle-aged. Because of the temptation of electronic products and the pressure of work and study, many people have to stay up late in life. It is doubtful that staying up late is a nuisance and not a benefit. There are damages to many parts of the body. If you always stay up all night, what can you do to reduce the damage? Use this article to talk to you about the health details of staying up late.

Staying up late for the harm of the body should not be underestimated

All in all, staying up late can cause damage to multiple parts of the body, both of which you think of and what you can’t think of.

First of all, staying up late may make you fatter. Second, staying up late will affect your own immunity, so that you lack a strong defense against the disease, and staying up late for a long time will make your attention less, may make you change Stupid, easy to forget; it is worth noting that long-term late sleep is likely to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Long-term sleep at night, often staying up late will cause the circadian clock to be irregular, which will affect the normal endocrine function; the longer you do not sleep, the more tired you will feel.

What can I do to reduce the damage that the night and night bring to the body?


Please keep warm when staying up late

Relatively speaking, the temperature is lower at night, and the overall feeling is even colder. If you have to work overtime, please add clothes or cover a blanket to avoid catching cold due to outside temperature and avoid getting trouble for your body.

Nightingale must be healthy, pay attention to “less eat” and “fine eat”

For the day and night crowd, it is necessary to increase the foods rich in water, B vitamins and vitamin C, supplement nutrients and improve the body’s immunity. In addition, the night snacks should choose low-calorie foods that are easy to digest. Fruits and vegetables are the first choice. Apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, grapes, papayas, salad vegetables and other ingredients are good choices. Hungry, please prepare a small amount of whole wheat bread, low-calorie biscuits, coarse cereal porridge is also a good choice, drink plenty of water to promote the body’s metabolism. Nightingale, please refuse all kinds of spicy food, although it is very cool to eat, in addition to high-fat and high-calorie snacks to eat less, light diet cannot increase the body damage.

If you want to eat supper, how to eat more rational?

  • Pay attention to the eating time, 2-3 hours before going to bed, it is recommended not to eat

Gastrointestinal digestion and absorption time of sugar substances should be about two hours after meals. The intake time of protein and fat substances should be delayed. So, try not to eat anything about three hours before bedtime. Try not to eat after 9:00 in the evening. Eat again.

  • Minimize food intake on a light basis

If you suggest that you eat something at night? The porridge, soup, and noodles are all good choices. Try not to eat high-fat, high-protein foods, such as your favorite stimulating crayfish, barbecue, and other foods. Watermelons, oranges, etc. High foods are also eaten as little as possible.

  • Don’t add burden to the stomach

Whole wheat bread, oatmeal, bananas, almonds, and milk are great choices for people who work overtime and stay up late.

Nightingale, different groups of people suggest different treatments, for example, for children in the growth stage, you can add high-protein foods before going to bed, milk, eggs are a good choice; regular fitness people suggest that you can eat some high-protein foods that are easy to digest. For obese people and middle-aged and elderly people, it is recommended to eat less or not.

Staying up late for a long time, you can properly supplement B vitamins and mineral calcium

When the vitamin B family is deficient, the human body can easily feel physical fatigue, fatigue and drowsiness. In addition, staying up late can easily lead to a lack of loss of B vitamins, which is one of the reasons why people staying up late are always troubled by oral ulcers. Therefore, it is recommended that you properly supplement B vitamins, vitamin C and mineral calcium.

You can exercise properly during the day and night

Staying up late is a very tiring thing, so it is recommended that you do the stretching exercises for the whole body during the day and night, press the leg lacing, and reduce the time of contact with the electronic products.

Girls should pay attention to their skin health day and night. First, please remove makeup when staying up late, clean the face, then take a mask and take a moisturizing treatment.

The most important thing – make up

Although you stay up all night, since you are not sleeping, it is a must-have to make your body rest properly. Whether it is sleeping in the morning or taking a nap, you must make a reasonable supplement.

It is recommended that people staying up late can sleep for an hour at noon as much as possible.

Staying up late, an unhealthy thing, since doing it, we must make a reasonable remedy, in order to make you more spiritual, in order to make you healthier, please light diet, supplement nutrition + nutrition; appropriate exercise, let the joints properly active; scientific understanding the rest is the most important.