Long-term vegetarian diet can lower blood fat?

Hyperlipidemia is closely related to many diseases. It is very important to pay attention to the diet of patients with hyperlipidemia. In everyone’s eyes, eating more vegetarian food, eating less meat, avoiding fat, cream, and sugar can reduce blood fat from the diet. This is true. Does it make sense?

Whether it is a vegetarian diet that does not eat meat, or control oil, sugar control, the purpose is to control the total intake of the whole-day diet, control the total amount of balanced diet based on the total, that is, “low-energy balanced diet”, simple control The intake of a single nutrient can not achieve the purpose of controlling blood lipids.

In the next three issues, I will explain the hot food misunderstanding of high blood lipids for everyone.

Long-term vegetarian diet cannot reduce blood fat?

This statement is not accurate.

We generally say that vegetarian food does not eat meat. Meat contains fat and protein. Excessive intake will definitely lead to obesity and high blood fat.

Vegetarians include vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice and the like. If the staple foods such as pasta and rice are eaten more, the total energy will be more, and the total energy will cause more chances of high blood fat.The carbohydrates in the staple food are converted into glucose in the body and absorbed by the body. The excess carbohydrates are converted into triglycerides in the liver, which is what we call fat, stored in the liver or under the skin, causing obesity, fatty liver, and hyperlipidemia. problem.

Some vegetarians in life have the habit of eating snacks, such as potato chips, cakes, melon seeds, peanuts , etc. These are high-fat foods, and eating too much can also lead to high blood fat.

Complete vegetarian diet, if the food is not well matched, may also lead to insufficient protein to eat, causing protein malnutrition , manifested as fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, if it is a child, it will also affect growth and development.

The high-quality protein in meat food is rich in content, and it is easy to mix and absorb. From a nutritionally balanced point of view, we do not recommend hyperlipidemia patients to be completely vegetarian, and maintaining a balanced diet is the healthiest.

Therefore, vegan diet does not necessarily lower blood fat.

Do hyperlipidemia patients eat the same amount of meat as ordinary people?

Here we have a misunderstanding that eating meat is long fat . In fact, the fat content of lean meat is not as terrible as it is, and it is also the main source of body protein, so it is not much different from ordinary people in the amount of food.

In addition, another major source of dietary fat is cooking oil. The reason why the amount of meat is controlled is because oil is used in the process of cooking meat. The meat is more and more oily, and the fat intake exceeds the standard. Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia should strictly control the use of cooking oil, try not to fry and other cooking methods, or even use the method of frying, it is best to use the method of cooking and stewing.

The amount of lean meat consumed by ordinary people is 2 to 3 per day. The amount of lean meat per day for patients with hyperlipidemia is 2, but avoid eating fat meat and only eat lean meat.

How much is the staple food for patients with hyperlipidemia?

Light physical labor generally normal-weight adult male daily about two staple 5-7, 4-6 two staple food around adult female.