Revolution of Marketing

As being a marketer, we go through a great set of content which is discussing the principles of marketing. However, I personally believe that marketing is a beautiful blend of art and science. The world is changing its trend, we need to understand the fact that we cannot hit the sky unless and until we don’t leave the traditional mindset. Developed countries had already understood the phenomena very well that nothing lasts forever, change is the basic need of life. However, emerging markets are still struggling to adopt this change which was adopted by the developed market back in the late 90s.

Many colors of marketing are fading away, the concepts which were delivered by the marketing gurus in the past are no more acceptable. Terms like consumer marketing, consumer loyalty, traditional marketing are turning into a dried well. It has been proven that 80% of the decisions are taken by the customer on the shopping floor. It had been observed that the basket size of the customer is increasing when they experience the shopping environment in modern trades. Manufacturers are fighting for space in the retail stores. Customers are switching rapidly without giving a second chance. The world is giving you a tough time. Creativity, proactive behavior are the key elements of the success on the globe today.

In such an environment, the question is, who is enjoying a healthy share? Well, at the beginning we talked about the phenomena of change, we mean that the higher the adoption rate of change, the higher will the opportunity to grow. The giants who are continuously bringing a change in their offerings, the one who believes in innovation are definitely doing a great job. Contradict to this, those who are having a traditional mindset are suffering from a dramatic decline. However still, many of them are not ready to even listen about the change. Believe it or not, most of the great organization are investing their money in order to engage with the shopper rather than the consumer. Trust me the shopper is falling in love with the category on the shopping floor. Marketing teams are working harder to make you feel that this is the one you were finding. You are being bombarded with multiple marketing activities from different sources in order to make sure that they don’t miss any chance to grab a space in your basket.

This revolution has directly impacted on the branding, now developing the product and maintaining the development are two games which are needing to be played parallel. You cannot emphasize either of one and cannot ignore the other. This piece would have provided you a new paradigm of thinking about the great concept of marketing and there is also a possibility that you might not agree with many of the facts that are highlighted here, but the truth is you cannot deny them, you cannot close your eyes if You really want to walk through this global garden. Many names who were once the lead players are no more than history now, I hope you know the rest!