Running in the morning, What’s the best time?

Running in the morning, one of the most basic sports in life. The simple form of exercise that does not require excessively cumbersome venues and does not require all kinds of heavy equipment. It can be said that it is a popular way of exercising. Of course, even if it is very popular, even if everyone loves it, it needs to be reliable. With regard to morning running, many details require strict attention and observance. When is the time to run more reliable? Is running at five o’clock in the morning reliable? What should I pay attention to while running? In the morning when the sun is rising, I hope that simple running will add a score to your health.

Can you “realize” in the morning run? Is it suitable?

Many people like to run in the morning. In fact, a reliable morning run is a good thing. In the morning time, the sun father has not fully raised, and the temperature is more suitable. Moreover, often morning running can wake up your major organs after a night’s sleep, promote the body’s overall metabolism, and promote a full mental state.

Especially for young people, young people now have the bad habit of “sleeping late and getting up late”. Appropriate morning running can help young people develop good habits of going to bed early and getting up early and avoiding staying up late.

Is it OK to run at five in the morning? What time is more suitable for running?

It is not recommended to run outside at around five in the morning. At this time, the sky is just bright, the line of sight is not good, it is easy to have a safety accident; in addition, the air is not too perfect at this time, it is easy to increase the pressure on the human respiratory system.

Run in the morning, I suggest you can adjust the running time to 7-10 in the morning. If you need to go to work earlier, you can adjust the time slightly earlier. If you are a retired middle-aged person, the time is OK. Push back some properly. Make morning run time according to your own situation.

The problems that are easy to appear in the morning run

In the morning, there are certain problems in running in the morning. For example, the air, the plants breathe for one night, and a large part of the carbon dioxide is released in the air, which is not very beneficial to the human body’s breathing. In addition, the morning temperature Relatively lower, the lower temperature is not conducive to the diffusion of dust and particulate matter in the air, so the air quality will not be very good, and it is easy to increase the risk of respiratory diseases.

Healthy morning run, you should do this

Eat a small amount before the morning run to avoid running on an empty stomach

Morning running can, but can not run on an empty stomach. Many people have a bad appetite after getting up in the morning, so they don’t want to eat, but if they exercise for a long time, it is easy to increase the incidence of hypoglycemia.

Run in the morning, you should eat properly before running, you can drink some milk, miscellaneous grains and other foods before running, to play a buffer role.

Be a good warm-up exercise before running

Before running, you need to warm up properly to avoid joint injuries such as joints and give your body a proper cushion.

Specifically, you can perform appropriate in-situ jogging before running, usually about 5-10 minutes; you can also perform appropriate high-lifting exercises. Pay attention to slowly increase the amount of running, step by step.

Although running can exercise, it needs an appropriate amount

Excessive running and incorrect running forms can damage other joints such as your knees, so the right amount is important.

Specifically, the weekly running recommendation can be achieved 3-5 times, and each time around 50 minutes is more reliable.

Running in the morning does not require excessive speed

The most important purpose of running is to exercise, not to pursue speed. Reliable running, you can use medium-speed running, the general body feels a slight gasp, you don’t have to pursue speed.

Slowly buffer after running

Do not stop immediately after the end of the run, slow down in sequence, and then walk for about ten minutes is more reliable.

In addition, you will have a pair of comfortable sneakers and a comfortable sportswear during the running.

Morning run, a very healthy thing, can be done, but find reliable time and sports details. Running on the road, I hope you can do it scientifically.

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