“Special effects medicine” to relieve bad breath, often eat these, breathe back to fresh

Bad breath is very embarrassing, so small to talk, big to kiss are afraid! It is like an invisible obstacle that prevents us from communicating with others.

People who usually have intractable bad breath often have problems in the stomach, such as chronic gastritis or stomach ulcers.

There are many reasons for bad breath, but we can alleviate oral odor through diet. Patients with mild taste can even heal through diet. The key is to know what to eat? How to eat?

1. Jasmine

A beautiful jasmine flower, full of fragrant and beautiful branches.

The scent of jasmine can be smelled from a long distance, and its flowers also have a certain ornamental value, and it is also a Chinese herbal medicine.

Jasmine is rich in volatile oils, which not only relieves pain but also improves bad breath.

After drying it, tea can promote gastrointestinal motility. After the gastrointestinal waste is removed, the bad breath will naturally be reduced.

In addition, you can put a few slices of jasmine tea under the tongue before going to bed, not only makes people feel calm, but also refreshes the next day.

2. Banana

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most common fruit, no matter what season you buy bananas, and it is very convenient to eat.

At the same time, banana has a certain stomachic effect, because banana will affect the growth of mucosal cells in the stomach wall, thus forming a protective film of the stomach. When the stomach is well-regulated, the bad breath will be alleviated.

3. Red peanuts

This is the most common food in life, and it is often used by people to make delicious meals with food, and there are many ways to eat raw and cooked.

The nutritional value of red peanuts is very high. The outer coat of peanuts contains a lot of vitamins, which has a certain effect on the health of the stomach. Regular eating also has the effect of improving bad breath.

Treating bad breath, in addition to these foods can alleviate the symptoms, at the same time, we must also pay attention to some of the daily details, do not increase the bad breath.

Reducing liver fire is very important

Liver fire can cause bad breath, and for this bad breath, reducing liver fire is very important.

In normal times, you can eat more nourishing and moisturizing foods, such as lily, pear, kelp, celery, etc., and pay attention to avoid staying up late and drinking.

Big fish and big meat should eat less

Bad breath is also related to eating too greasy at night. At night, the stomach cannot properly digest food and cause morning bad breath.

The best way to treat bad breath caused by this factor is to have a light diet at dinner and keep it at 7 minutes.

Drink yogurt to prevent bad breath

Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which has a certain inhibitory effect on hydrogen sulfide.

The hydrogen sulfide is the main cause of bad breath occurs, if insisted yogurt every day, then you can play the efficacy of anti-bad breath.

There are many reasons for bad breath, such as caries is a major cause of bad breath, and there is a cause of Helicobacter pylori, which will parasitize plaque, no matter how to brush bad breath can not disappear.

Of course, such as Helicobacter pylori infection or bad breath caused by major gastrointestinal diseases, do not expect a certain food can be cured, must go to the hospital in time to do related examination and treatment.

A certain food to relieve bad breath is only a temporary solution. The real bad breath needs to find out the root cause.