Many people often do these wrong things after eating a meal

As the saying goes, “A cigarette after a meal, a live god”, in fact, many of the habits in our lives may be wrong, I do not know if you noticed. Let’s take a look at how many things you have done right after eating a meal~

Drinking tea after a meal

Hazard: Many people like to drink a cup of “tea” after eating a meal to get rid of oil, but drinking tea immediately after eating a meal is a very unhealthy way to drink tea. Drinking tea after eating a meal can not only cause indigestion, but also increase the risk of suffering from stones. “Tea contains citric acid and theophylline, both of which affect the body’s digestion of food.” Gastric juice and intestinal fluid are essential for the body to digest food. When citrate enters the gastrointestinal tract, it inhibits their secretion, leading to indigestion.

In addition, tannic acid also coagulates with proteins in foods such as meat, eggs, soy products, and dairy products to form a citrate protein coagulum that is difficult to digest. If the food you eat contains metallic elements such as iron and magnesium, tannic acid may react with them and may form stones for many years. At the same time, the stomach acid is acidic, and the tea is alkaline. Drinking tea immediately after eating, theophylline will not only inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, but also dilute the stomach acid, affecting the secretion of proteases in gastric acid, thus affecting digestion.

Suggestion: When is it possible to drink tea? The most scientific is half an hour after a meal.

Loose belt after eating a meal

Hazard: Many people take it to the bathroom and loosen the belt one or two to make the stomach more comfortable. It is a kind of indulgence and injury to relax the belt while drinking. This will cause the intra-abdominal pressure to drop, and the stomach will be forced to go down invisibly. In the long run, the intra-abdominal pressure balance may be destroyed and the stomach may sag.

Suggestion: If you feel that your abdomen is uncomfortable after a meal, consider slowing down to relieve the feeling of fullness and wait for the food to gradually digest. Of course, it is best not to eat regularly, and a healthy diet is full.

Eat fruit immediately after eating a meal

Hazard: Many people think that eating fruit after a meal can not only clear the mouth, but also help digestion, and many restaurants will provide fruit and fruit plate after the meal.Eating fruit immediately after a meal is a wrong habit. Because food enters the stomach, it must go through the digestion process for 1-2 hours. Eating fruit immediately after a meal will affect the digestive function of the stomach, causing abdominal distension, diarrhea, etc. Over time, it will lead to disturbance of digestive function.

Recommendation: It is best to eat fruit for half an hour before eating, to avoid increasing the burden of digestion.

Smoking after eating a meal

Harm:As the saying goes, “A cigarette after a meal, the game has lived a fairy. ” In fact, smoking after eating, see the gods early. Smoking immediately after a meal would cause the blood vessels to contract and the stomach’s protective ability to deteriorate. At the same time, nicotine, nicotine and other poisons will also enter the saliva, which can lead to gastric ulcer. Experts reminded that no matter when it is time to smoke, the incidence of lung cancer in long-term smokers is 10 to 20 times higher than that of non-smokers. It can be said that smoking is harmful to the human body.

Suggestion: For yourself and for the people around you, it is best to quit smoking as early as possible.

Shower after eating a meal

Hazard: There is a folk saying that “do not take a bath after a meal, do not wash your brain after drinking. ” Means that after a meal, do not immediately take a bath, wash your hair after drinking, to avoid irritation, causing disease or danger.You should not take a shower after eating a meal. Because just after eating, the human digestive system began to work. A large amount of blood gathered in the stomach, and other organs were in a relatively ischemic state. At this time, bathing, sauna, systemic vasodilation, increased blood flow to the skin and muscles, and insufficient blood in the stomach will affect digestion. Especially many people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases stay in a closed and hypoxic environment for a long time, which can easily cause brain and heart ischemia and even sudden death.

Suggestion: Bathing and sauna should be arranged after 1-2 hours after meal to avoid accidents.

A hundred steps after meal

Hazard: Old people often say, “After a meal, you can live ninety-nine.” This is reasonable. Many people feel their stomachs bloated after they have had enough to eat. But you must not hurry to go, so it is easy to destroy normal digestion and induce functional dyspepsia.

Suggestion: Walking for 20 minutes after a meal and walking in a leisurely manner can help promote gastrointestinal motility, secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice and digestion and absorption of food, which is beneficial to health. But don’t rush, stride the meteor.

Go to bed after meal

Hazard: As the saying goes:”Let’s lie down after a meal, not longer than half a catty.”It is most likely to get fat when going to bed immediately after eating a meal.

Suggestion: Bend three times every day after meals. Each time reaching 90 degrees, so that food can enter the stomach antrum, and with the walk for 10-30 minutes. It can promote food digestion and avoid getting fat, even if it is nap time.

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